Program Guide 2019

Studies on the Connectivity of Hills, Humans and Oceans (CoHHO) Educational Program 2019– Program Guide

Entire program guide

1.CoHHO Educational Program – Outline                                        

2.CoHHO Educational Program – Program contents and completion criteria            
(1) Program contents
(2) Language of lectures
(3) Completion criteria
(4) Awarding of completion certificate

3.Program eligibility and enrollment period                                       
(1) Program eligibility
(2) Enrollment period

4.Quit the enrollment                                                        

5.Module registration procedure
(1) Module registration procedure for affiliated graduate schools
(2) Registration to the unit

6.CoHHO Educational Program module list                                     

7.2019 syllabus                                                            

8.2019 timetable                                                            

9.Course Module Application forms                                            

10.Guide map                                                             

11.Contact information