The CoHHO Educational Program aims to cultivate
human resources capable to be active internationally
in order to create sustainable society in harmony with nature.

  • Any graduate student enrolled at graduate schools of Kyoto University (Master Course, Doctor Course) who wish to complete the Program can be enrolled.
  • The standard enrollment period is two years; however, provided that you are still studying at the graduate school, including Doctoral Course, it is possible to enroll. It is also possible to complete the program in on year.
  • As a rule, lectures are delivered in English; however, depending on the module, lectures may be also delivered in Japanese.
Modules Outline Completion Criteria
Compulsory Integrated Watershed and Coastal Management(2 credits) 3 modules which belong to different categories  >10credits
Optional Integrated These modules focus on how humans and natural environments should interact in order to achieve sustainable management. (10 modules)
Forest These modules focus on the flora and fauna of forests, the ecosystems created by trees and water, etc., as well as material recycling. (11 modules)
Human The focus is on how people’s occupations and way of life manifest in the environment. The contents focus on explaining the ideal way for humans to interact with, and manage, ecosystems, water and the atmosphere. (9 modules)
Ocean These modules focus on the current situation of the environment, ecosystem and natural resources of the marine ecosystem – the continuation of our rivers and forests –, and how these can be protected. (6 modules)

More detail in Program Guide.