Requesting a questionnaire for students who enrolled in the CoHHO educational program in 2016

Dear students who enrolled in the CoHHO Educational Program in 2016


How was your experience with the CoHHO Educational Program so far?
By now, you may have your own ideas about the program and the studies on the connectivity of hills, humans and oceans.
Now, we are carrying out an online questionnaire survey to the students who enrolled in the CoHHO Educational Program in 2016.
For continuation and development of the CoHHO Educational Program, your cooperation (your answer!) to questionnaire is absolutely necessary.
Besides being a CoHHO student you are also a creative force behind the CoHHO Educational Program.
Everyone who enrolled in this program in 2016, please cooperate with us and fill the online questionnaire to further development the program.
We expect your strong sense of responsibility as a CoHHO student.

The deadline of the answer is June 15.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Questionnaire in English:


CoHHO Educational Unit