Next Generation Leaders Summit in 2017

Dear CoHHO students,

NELIS* will organize the event “Next Generation Leaders Summit in 2017” on 14th and 15th of January, 2017, which is supported by Taneya Group.
They are calling for Kyoto University student to participate to the event.
In this event discussion will make in Japanese and English and they prepare interpreters of these languages.

Please find additional details on NELIS (Next Leaders’Initiative for Sustainability/Network for Leadership and Innovation in Sustainability)at the following URL:

<Application for the “Next Generation Leaders Summit in 2017”>
■Date:14th January, 2017(Sat) 1:00pm~6:20pm
      15th January, 2017(Sun) 9:00am~5:30pm

■Venue:Ritsumeikan University, Suzaku campus (near Nijo)
■Number of applicants:about 20 students from Kyoto University
■Participation fee: Free 

Details of the event is provided in the  attached file(Only Nihongo). 

Application will be accepted by 12th December 2016(Mon). Please contact Dr.Hasegawa(
For any questions, please contact Shimizu(