Enrollment Registration

In order to participate in this program, it is necessary to complete both (1) the application procedures for affiliated graduate schools and (2) the “Enrollment Notice” to the Unit Support Office.

* Steps in the procedure

(1) Affiliated graduate schools (enrollment registration and application for lecture attendance)→ (2)the CoHHO Unit (educational program module registration)

 Complete the application procedures in the affiliated graduate schools within the time schedule determined by each graduate school.

April 26th in the 1st semester


(1)   Enrollment Registration Procedure for Affiliated Graduate Schools

All Program modules are derived from modules established by the graduate schools of Humanity and Environmental Studies, Global Environmental Science and Agriculture as the master course lectures. The students have to carry out the designated enrollment registration for modules in their respective graduate schools as well as for the attendance application procedure for modules from other graduate schools.

Grade evaluation is conducted according to this procedure and the acquired modules are recorded on the grade register of your graduate school. So please take care not to forget this procedure.

(2)Registration to the Unit

After completing the enrollment registration procedures at the affiliated graduate schools, students have to submit  the “CoHHO Educational Program Module Application” (appended form)(2019Module Application(first semester)) to the CoHHO Unit by April 26th .